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kcwc - planning

i am very excited to be participating in the kids' clothes week challenge hosted over at elsie marley.  this looks like it is shaping up to be a busy week, but i have high hopes.  here are some of my planned projects.

a jacket from ottobre for ellie.  this one is a bit improvisational, but i hoping for the best.  i have a delicious orange wool-cashmere blend remnant that i am working with - and, some great ribbon for trim.  i have been thinking/planning for a while, so we'll see how it goes.

next up are some pants for wiley - airplane fabric and a shorts pattern from everyday bottoms being lengthened into pants.

and, the requisite oliver + s pattern - the music box dress, view b. 




flower girls

this is nothing crafty-, sewing-, or knitting-related.  so, feel free to skip along if you'd like. 

this past weekend ellie and her very first friend got to be flower girls in our former nanny, irene's, wedding.  irene is just a wonderful person - after we met her in our nanny search over five years agao, i breathed a deep sigh of relief and thought, "ok, i can go back to work."  so, it was a really special treat to be part of her day.  and, for a five year old girl, those flower dresses practically kept them levitating the whole time!

here are the girls doing their "job." and here they are with the glowing bride.

of course, wiley came along too and got somewhat spiffed up for the occasion.  naturally, he brought along percy and the birthday caboose as his dates.

it was a beautiful day - in so many ways.  we had a wonderful time and are so happy to have irene (and now her sister, rosie) as part of our lives.  they are a truly wonderful family!

as a side note, ellie sadly learned the pain of being a girl - she had blisters on her feet from her new party shoes when the night ended.


a brief visit to the flea market

one of my favorite sunday activities is to visit the alameda flea market, that happens on the first sunday of each month.  the one in december is terrific, when they have all this great christmas stuff - as well as gorgeous handmade wreaths and garlands.  but, i digress.

last weekend, we made a quick trip to the flea market and i picked up some fun stuff.  i always enjoy the folks with the french linens - grabbed a few dishtowels.  but, i am most excited about these two finds.

a wacky flowered bag.  it is a bit worn, but i love the flowers and the shape. with the zippered top, i am thinking it might be a good large project knitting bag.  any thoughts on getting it really clean?

and, a small, hand-crank singer sewing machine...

it came with a sample seam - but, i cannot figure out for the life of me how it works.  i don't think that it has a bobbin - is that possible?

and, it operates with this crank. 

i am not planning any sewing projects for it anytime soon, but i thought it was a pretty fun little thing.


and we're off

kindergarten started yesterday.  ellie headed off in a new oliver + s skirt (another, wonderful, simple pattern - definitely a new go-to!)...

armed with pencils and a backpack.

with the help of good friends, we headed up the hill and held it all together.

and, now we have a new routine.



oh my

it is hard to believe that this little girl,

looked like this last week,

and this, as of yesterday, following a double tooth extraction (much more troubling to me than to her)...

and, is starting kindergarten on monday.  between that, the teeth, and reading the end of charlotte's web the other night, i just feel kind of weepy.